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Königskrabben 68°Noord Siegel

"A good feeling - that's what we want when we want to cook something special for ourselves and our loved ones.
But where can you still buy seafood with a clear conscience that is unpolluted, comes from clean waters and is not endangered in its existence?

We are sure that we have found the answer to this with our king crabs! "

Tim Eisel & Tim Langeheine - Founder of 68°NOORD


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King Crabs | cooked |

The guarantee of success for everyone | Just warm up and enjoy

Königskrabben | gekocht |

King Crabs | raw |

Ideal for ambitious amateur chefs and restaurateurs

Königskrabben |roh|

King Crabs | cooked & sliced |

Ideal for grilling and roasting

King Crabs | PREMIUM |

Our specials | For your exclusive occasions

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68°NOORD voucher 150 Euro
Product information: "68°NOORD voucher 150 Euro"
Probably the best present for your gourmet friends!
At 68°NOORD - King Crabs we desgined a high quality voucher for your loved ones and with this 150€ voucher they gonna have an unforgettable seafood feast they´ll never forget.
The shipping costs gonna vary depending on the location you´re ordering from.
Within Germany it´s 1,99€.

Giant cooked king crab legs - our PREMIUM package - 2 kg
"Giant cooked king crab legs - our PREMIUM package - 2 kg"
Our promise to you: Our XXL- legs weigh around 350-500 grams each and not only look stunning on your dinner table, they also have the biggest tenderloins of the wonderful king crab meat ever - these are the biggest available king crab legs in the market!

Content and product information:
Content and product information:
· approx. 2000 gross weight
· 350-500 gramm cooked king crab legs
· wild caught from the Barents Sea
· cooked, frozen and glazed (approx. 10%)

Since the king crab is a natural product, the size and weight of the crab legs can vary.

Content: 2 Kilo (€184.50* / 1 Kilo)